The Real Brokerage Welcomes Canada-based VIMA Realty

October 6, 2022

VIMA Realty was founded by Franco Maione and operates in in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia

Real is excited to welcome VIMA Realty to its growing base of Canadian agents. VIMA is home to 12 agents and serves homebuyers and sellers in Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. The team successfully closed $39 million in transactions in 2021 and is on track to surpass that number this year, closing just over $37 million in transactions year-to-date.

VIMA was founded in 2020 by Franco Maione. Franco has long been a serial entrepreneur, owning and operating two restaurants as well as a large nightclub/concert venue, prior to transitioning into real estate. His people-focused experience in the hospitality industry informed the way he approaches real estate, resulting in a business philosophy that encourages being kind; making mistakes; consistently improving; and focusing on the things that matter most for growth.

“When I initially considered partnering with Real,” Franco said, “I realized that not only do the company’s values align with our own, but it provides everyone on our team the opportunity to grow and scale together. Additionally, the innovative technology, stock awards and incentives plan made the decision to merge very easy.

"Franco led a team at RE/MAX, where he was ranked within the Top 100 Team Leaders in Canada in 2017, 2018, and 2019, before starting the VIMA team in 2020. In addition to successful production, the VIMA team is focused on the mentorship of its members. Franco likens building a real estate team to growing a family, and he’s proud to continue his family’s success with Real.