Real’s 2023 Year in Review

February 5, 2024

Real’s 10-year history is filled with unforgettable moments, and 2023 was no exception. Our growth was off the charts, our company initiatives were monumental, our tech was groundbreaking, and our agent community and collaboration were stronger than ever.

The real estate industry has taken notice of our innovation, our culture, and all the ways we’re making agents' lives better. Let’s check out some of the amazing milestones and achievements that happened in 2023.

The proof is in the numbers, and our growth was evident on all fronts. From our financials, our agent count, and our expanded territory – Real made huge strides that can’t be ignored. Some of the noteworthy numbers include:

  • In Q2, Real announced the company had reached profitability.
  • At the close of Q3, Real’s revenue increased 92% year-over-year to $214.6 million from $111.6 million, and the number of transactions closed increased 82% year-over-year to 20,397 from 11,233.
  • By the end of the year, Real had opened in 8 new states – solidifying Real’s presence in all 50 US states.
  • Agent count grew by 5,300 and surpassed 13,000 agents by the end of 2023.

While the market remained challenging for many, our agents rose to the occasion and proved that they are some of the hardest working and most tenacious in the business. 

Expansion was a big part of our trajectory in 2023. Along with growing our agent count and broadened geographical scope, we also built out our ancillary businesses by bringing LemonBrew Mortgage into the fold as One Real Mortgage. By offering mortgage and title services in-house (via One Real Title and One Real Escrow in California), we simplify the home buying process for agents and their clients by delivering consumer-centric solutions, all under one roof.

2023 was also the year we launched Real Military, a new division made up of Veterans, military spouses and passionate patriots dedicated to providing expert guidance while assisting buyers and sellers through the unique challenges of a military move. Real’s Chairman and CEO Tamir Poleg not only comes from a military family, he served his native Israel as well, and he was personally invested in bringing this division to fruition for our agents and their clients. We are proud to provide this extra level of support to our military community and the clients they serve through this division.

More than ever before, we delivered programs tailored to support our agents. This year, we introduced several new program offerings that our agents could not stop raving about, including:

  • Co-Sponsored Revenue Share: New agents joining Real can name up to two sponsors who can both benefit from an equal portion of Real’s split of the commission. 
  • Willable Revenue Share: Agents who participate in the Revenue Share program are able to assign a beneficiary and pass those rewards on to their heirs.
  • Real Retirement: Agents who have been a producing agent with the company for a minimum of three years will be eligible to continue to collect their monthly revenue share payments after they are no longer actively representing clients, provided they maintain an active real estate license.
  • Tier 2 Unlock Accelerator: Real lowered the barrier to unlock agents’ Tier 2 Revenue Share, enabling those who participate in the program to unlock their second tier with just 5 agents. 
  • Real Agent Benefits: ​​Real agents and their support staff throughout the US and Canada can purchase healthcare benefits at a discounted group rate for themselves and their families, including medical, dental, vision, and other specialty coverage plans!
  • One Real Impact: One Real Impact is Real’s agent assistance fund that provides financial grants to agents in times of crisis. 

These are huge programs with a major impact on our agent’s lives and futures. Just a few more ways we build security and success for the Real agent community.

At Real, we’re not simply innovating for innovation’s sake. The technology we build serves a much bigger purpose. As the real estate industry evolves, we are looking for ways to build the tools that make agents’ lives easier and the home buying and selling process better for consumers. Here are the exciting tech releases we made towards that goal in 2023:

  • Leo: A fully integrated AI assistant that enables agents to ask any questions regarding their status and transactions and receive instant responses specific to their data.
  • Real Signature: An electronic form and signature tool that allows agents to create reusable document templates and share and sign documents across every stage of the transaction.
  • One Real Consumer App: An app that anyone can use to get pre-approved for a mortgage, take advantage of competitive financing, and track the process with ease.
  • WealthPlan: An interactive tool that empowers agents to identify wealth-building goals and opportunities for themselves and future Real agents.

Each year, Real’s technology sets the bar even higher. Stay tuned for even more exciting launches in 2024!

One of the main draws for agents making the move to Real is its culture of collaboration. Our engaging community stretches throughout the US and Canada and creates lifelong friendships across state and provincial boundaries. Through our many virtual and in-person events, it’s evident our agent community enthusiastically lives by the ethos of  “Work Hard, Be Kind”. Here’s a quick recap of some of the incredible events Real hosted this past year:

  • REALx: Real’s inaugural two-day virtual summit featuring unprecedented learning opportunities on the virtual stage.
  • Discover Real Series: A 100% confidential 'open house' opportunity to learn more about Real’s culture, model, and platform hosted by Real President Sharran Srivatsaa.
  • Down Market Income Playbook: A tactical workshop series led by President Sharran Srivatsaa with practical tips to generate more income in a challenging market.
  • Real Connect: A monthly virtual meeting hosted by Real leadership to showcase new programs and tools that empower all Real agents to thrive.
  • RISE 2023: Real’s annual three-day conference event to connect, collaborate and learn together in person. Filled with inspirational leadership, impactful announcements, tactical takeaways, invaluable networking, and a can’t-miss closeout celebration, RISE is an event agents wait all year for.

2023 was the year we stole the show with countless awards and industry recognitions. Here are some of the accolades Real received:

Everything we do is for our agent community. These awards are a testament of the lengths we go to ensure our agents live their best lives and benefit from the guidance and support of a company that truly cares. 

That’s a Wrap for 2023

Looking back at the last 12 months, there’s so much to be proud of, but Real won’t stop there. The hunger to stay innovative while raising the bar to build a company for the industry of tomorrow is stronger than ever, and we’re confident 2024 will be our best year yet. 

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