The Most Important Thing Real Estate Agents Should Do Every Day

April 12, 2023

Industry veteran Sharran Srivatsaa explains how to thrive in today’s market

Today, homeowners and home buyers have options. Whether it’s the neighborhood they’re searching for, the color of their open house signs, or even the type of loan they’re looking for—your clients are flooded with questions and answers constantly altering the path they’re on when it comes to working with you as their agent. So, how can you best compete in an industry that’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out in? 

“Learn to serve, not to sell,” Real President Sharran Srivatsaa says.

“The market is moving so quickly, and the average consumer can’t keep up with all of those options,” he continued. Options that present themselves every day. Srivatsaa believes in the importance of keeping your clients in pace with you throughout the entire process. People feeling left behind or lost leads to frustrations and complications among all the looming decisions. 

“If we can just stop trying to sell, and instead start trying to serve by explaining the options, we instantly win,” Sharran said.

By consistently explaining your clients’ options, you not only frame yourself as their personal expert—but you remove the pressure they may inevitably feel in facing one of the largest decisions of their lives.

“I’ve always said, if you don’t know your options—you don’t have any.”