Real’s public listing marks a new chapter in our journey

June 28, 2022

After months of hard work, The Real Brokerage Inc. (the parent company of Real Broker LLC* as well as our other entities who operate brokerages) is now a publicly traded company listed on the TSXV (Toronto Stock Exchange - Venture) and started trading under the ticker symbol: REAX.

Why did we do it?

Unlike the “classic” public listings, that are designed to raise money from the public and provide liquidity to shareholders who backed the company in early stages, our reasoning for going public is different. For us, having our shares traded in the public markets is a way to create more opportunities for our agents. It is a way to boost growth and incentivize everyone who contributes to the growth of the company. It’s a fundamental part in our strategy, on our way to becoming a market leader. The decision to list on the TSX-V was due to the fact that this particular exchange is very welcoming for younger companies and the path for dual listing in a US based exchange is pretty easy. We would be thrilled to see as many of you improving your financial futures because of Real’s equity programs. We have to remember that it is only the beginning and if you tap into our vision, you can expect to see the share price reacting positively to the company’s future growth.

What is next?

It is our intention to launch a new equity program that will enable our agents to earn equity in the company. We have been working on the plan for some time and will finalize the details in the coming weeks. We will be scheduling an investors call and invite you to participate and hear about our Q1 2020 performance and plans for the future. We also intend to explore listing Real on one of NYC’s exchanges during 2021 to further facilitate trading of the stock.

Most importantly, I want to thank our agents, brokers and team with all my heart. Each one of us contributed a piece to get Real thus far. Now we have all the pieces in place to take Real to a whole new level. Together.

*Real Broker LLC is a subsidiary of The Real Brokerage Inc.

Investors can learn more about Real at