Real Welcomes Its First Team in the Southeast Philadelphia Marketplace

August 16, 2023

The Artisan Group is a collective of top realtors who believe real estate craftsmanship, care for community, and local expertise combined with innovative business processes and technology are the key pillars to a successful, forward-thinking agency. Currently home to 20+ agents and producing close to 100 million in revenue annually, the team chose to make the move to Real in summer 2023 because they saw the company as the most agent-centric brokerage. 

“Real truly focuses on growing organic partnerships and allowing the agent to choose their own path to success,” said Justin Heath. “The opportunity to provide our agents with avenues to passive income was unbeatable.”

The Artisan Group believes leaders in the real estate industry have a responsibility to also be agents of good for the communities that they serve. They believe their business grows to the extent that they do and are committed to community engagement and social responsibility. They are relationship builders, barrier breakers, solution finders, and believers in the American dream.  

They also use this responsibility to tell their story, expanding their digital footprint in the Greater Philadelphia region. “Gone are the days where giving back stifles business growth. In fact, today it’s the opposite. We pride ourselves on being ‘in the know’, meeting others and making an impact, all while sharing relevant and valuable information with our community,explained Justin.  

“Most agents do not go to the lengths that we do in marketing our clients' homes, and embracing the community like we do,” added Matt. “We embrace technology, and our expertise in social media marketing gives us an unparalleled advantage.”  

Mike followed that “traditional passive methods of selling (waiting for buyers to come to us) are not as effective as contacting potential buyers or their agents and convincing them to look at your home. Active marketing like this makes all the difference, and 7 days a week, you can count on us to promote your home to buyers.”  

Though being a smart, hardworking, and community-centered group serves them well, the secret sauce to their success comes down to their ability to collaborate. “We know that cooperation and collaboration are at the heart of a successful real estate agent,” said Justin. “A final transaction largely hinges upon collaboration from all parties. If a person on our team creates a system that works, we share it, and we all grow. Our core values and ‘do good’ culture fosters this collaborative spirit and team-based approach to real estate.”  

“All in all, we want to change the way those around us think about real estate, and also be a part of some greater change happening in the industry,” Matt said. “That’s what it’s all about for us.”