Real Agent Spotlight: Maureen Nguyen - Real Estate Success, Finding Culture, and Captivating Storytelling Content

November 22, 2023

“I have never felt true collaboration and support like I have at Real. That is what truly drew me here—the culture. It is so different from what I have experienced before, and I totally love it!”

Maureen Nguyen, a noteworthy Real agent hailing from Clermont, Florida, is making her mark in Central Florida real estate while actively demonstrating Real’s values and focusing on what it means to be a part of Real’s community.

Journey and Growth Along the East Coast

Originally from Maryland, Maureen made the leap to Florida in 2005, immersing herself in the vibrant lifestyle the Sunshine State has to offer. With a background in Forensic Psychology, she initially thrived as a Crime/Intelligence Analyst in Law Enforcement. However, her path took a fascinating turn when she discovered a profound passion for real estate.

With over 12 years in the real estate arena, Maureen's journey extended from Virginia and Maryland to the competitive DC Metro area market. Armed with experience in these hot markets plus a background in investigative skills, she navigated challenging markets and provided clients with a strategic advantage. This expertise proved to be exceptionally valuable for her clients in Florida facing the intense market conditions that have impacted the area since 2020.

The Real Connection: Kindness is our Currency

Maureen's introduction to Real was through an industry influencer she admired through popular social media channels. “I was first introduced to Real through someone that I've looked up to for years in the industry. I had been a longtime fan of his videos and work in the years before he moved to Real. When I finally got the chance to meet him in person, he was so kind and approachable—and most importantly, he was genuinely interested to meet me as well. He made me feel valued and like a longtime friend. That's rare to find in today’s world of social media celebrities—especially in real estate. So when the conversation eventually turned to exploring how Real could be a fit for my business, it felt like a very natural transition.” 

Drawn to Real through the kindness, collaboration, and friendship exemplified by this respected industry figure, she found a community that resonated with her values. The culture of true collaboration and support stood out, providing a stark contrast to her previous experience at former brokerages. From there, her next steps became clear, and in November 2022, inspired by the genuine connection and collaborative spirit at Real, Maureen made the switch.

A Unique Approach: Exceptional Experience with Concierge Service

Maureen's joy in real estate lies in educating clients, especially first-time homebuyers, ensuring they embark on their journey with confidence. Specializing in assisting sellers to maximize equity and aiding investors in analyzing profitable deals, she is committed to delivering an outstanding real estate experience. Always available to address questions, Maureen relishes discussing all aspects of real estate, making her a reliable resource for her clients.

Maureen's business stands out for its concierge-like approach to selling homes. Her team creates cinematic listing videos that not only showcase the house but also the vibrant lifestyle of the community. Inspired by Real trailblazer Brad McCallum, Maureen has shifted her focus to storytelling about the communities in Clermont, adding value for those considering a move.

Elevating the Real Estate Experience

Passionate, dedicated, and community-focused—Maureen Nguyen embodies the spirit of a Real agent. From her unique background in Forensic Psychology to navigating diverse real estate markets, Maureen's journey showcases her resilience and commitment to excellence. The transition to Real was a natural fit, bringing her into a community that celebrates collaboration and support. As Maureen continues to elevate real estate experiences, tell captivating community stories, and shape a concierge-like approach, she leaves an indelible mark on the real estate landscape in both her servicing area in Clermont, Florida and within the Real community. 

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