Please Welcome the RealtyCrunch Team to Real

June 28, 2022

This morning Real announced the acquisition of "business assets and intellectual property of RealtyCrunch Inc."

Here's what's most exciting about the news:

The RealtyCrunch team, lead by Pritesh Damani, the founder and CEO of RealtyCrunch, is joining Real!


At RealtyCrunch, the team demonstrated its excellence in rapidly developing mobile technology to make the real estate transaction more efficient.

RealtyCrunch is a collaboration web and mobile app for home buyers and real estate agents. Launched in September 2020, it has already attracted over 2,000 real estate agents in the US who use it to streamline communication and document signing with their clients.

"I was impressed by the rapid development and adoption of the RealtyCrunch product, and I am thrilled to welcome Pritesh and his team to Real," said Tamir Poleg, co-founder and CEO of Real.

"Together we will shape the future of the real estate brokerage industry with transformational software tools for Real's agents and their clients," he added

"Real has made enormous strides in 2020. We are excited to build the brokerage of the future together," said Damani.

"We have a united vision of using smart technology to reduce complexity and increase flexibility for real estate agents and their clients. I believe this will be a hugely beneficial combination for Real's agents and the real estate brokerage industry."

Using software to remove friction in the process is what we're about, and the RealtyCrunch acquisition gives us an incredible addition to our talent pool to accelerate development.

You can read the full press release and all the details here.