Northeastern Team Brings their Authentic Selves to Real

December 13, 2022

The JFKLiving Team is led by Jeremiah Kobelka and Pip Haxby-Thompson and supports clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

After building their careers in the hospitality industry, Team Leaders Jeremiah Kobelka and Pip Haxby-Thompson came together to form The JFKLiving Team, 16 agents and growing dedicated to supporting clients in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Over the last 12 months, the team successfully closed 152 units for a total of $55.2 million in volume. They recently made the move to Real from Keller Willams because of the strong opportunities it afforded the team, including the advantageous splits, low cap, and the potential to earn revenue share from recruitment. But the duo said that Real initially caught their eye because of the top talent who chose Real as their brokerage home. 

“A lot of agents we looked up to and respected made the move to Real. We saw that transition and realized we also wanted to be a part of something bigger,” said Pip Haxby-Thompson.

With a focus on education, giving back to the community, and having fun, the values of the team seamlessly aligned with Real’s primary tenet: Work hard. Be kind. But more than that, the organization’s focus on building a supportive community was something that the team was looking for. Heavily focused on video content creation for Instagram and YouTube, the team hopes to inspire others who may struggle with projecting their authentic selves.

“We are LGBTQ+ owned and very open about that. We are heavily involved in our community and are some of the principal organizers of the Pride Parade and related events in Haddon Township, New Jersey, where our office is located. Additionally, I serve on the board of the Haddon Township Equity Initiative,” Pip said.

After attending the inaugural One Real Conference, Pip said that he felt inspired by Real’s leadership team. 

“I loved hearing from the leadership team and what their vision is for the future. We have big goals for the team, and we wanted to align our business with a brokerage that supports that growth. We finally feel like we have found a home.”