Metro West Joins The Real Brokerage

July 21, 2022

Real is happy to announce that Denver-based real estate team Metro West has officially joined the brokerage. Led by founder Ken Blevins, Metro West had $91 million in transaction volume and 177 units closed from the previous 12 months. 

We sat down with Ken to learn more about his real estate journey, his team, and what it means for Metro West to join Real.

Q: How did you get into real estate?

I actually started Metro West, our local brokerage, back in 2003 just to have a Denver-based brokerage. I got into real estate––more on the corporate side––liquidating, foreclosed real estate for banks and lenders across the country. And that was really the first 15 years of my career. The last 10 have really been focused on the residential side. We’re still a relatively small brokerage, and now just excited to be part of Real. No longer independent and now have this network of agents and opportunities across the country to build our team. There’s a much larger opportunity for everybody involved.

Q: How many agents are part of your organization?

We have 23 right now that are part of the Metro West team that have moved over to Real.

Q: What made you decide to make the move to Real?

I just think the age of the independent broker is dying out. I had been looking for about two years, moving to a larger virtual based brokerage. Looking at the fact that our agents now are owners of the company, that's something I would never be able to offer them as an independent brokerage.

Q: Was there one thing about the brokerage that was a selling point for you?

Yes. I think it was just the relationships. When I saw the quality of agents that I've looked up to move over to Real, that told me everything.