Grove Homes Group Builds a Winning Team in Georgia

December 16, 2022

Husband and wife partners lead Grove Homes Group to success in the Greater Atlanta area

Paige Grove began her career in real estate in 1992. After putting her career on hold to focus on being a full-time mom to her four sons, Paige reinstated her license in 2015, and her career in real estate began to take off. 

In 2018, Paige became an independent agent and, with more business than she could manage on her own, she convinced her husband David to obtain his real estate license as well. A year later, the two formed Grove Homes Group, which is currently made up of 25 agents. In the past 12 months, Grove Homes successfully closed more than $100 million in real estate transactions.

Operating under both Coldwell Banker and Century 21 over the course of her career, Paige and team recently decided to join The Real Brokerage.

“Making the move to Real Broker was an easy decision,” Paige said. “After paying excessive fees to our previous brokerage in addition to a corporate franchise fee, it just made more sense financially. More importantly, Real allows our team members not only to grow and educate themselves as agents and experts in the industry, but it allows them to use their business for long-term growth and provides opportunities for other avenues of income.”

Prior to their real estate success, David and Paige operated a sports-focused small business and encouraged their sons’ athletic abilities, emphasizing practice and hard work. 

“Hard work pays off in many different ways, so don’t ever let a challenge or obstacle have power over you. Instead, use the situation for inspiration, find new ideas, and focus on solutions that create success,” Paige said.

“Just like in sports, it’s all about teamwork, learning from each other, and focusing on the win. The real estate industry is changing. It’s not just about sphere of influence and farming your leads. Today’s industry is about technology and building your presence online. On our team, we focus on coaching our agents to overcome obstacles, redefine their goals based on the current market, and most of all, to win.”

The team’s forward-thinking mindset is another reason Real felt like the perfect fit.

“We are excited about the opportunity to grow with Real. In our area, agents have not realized the full potential of this brokerage model and everything it has to offer. We look forward to sharing the opportunity with others.”

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