Family-focused SGG Real Estate Group Joins Real

June 1, 2023

After four years leading some of Canada’s top markets, SGG plans for continued growth

Real estate is woven into the fabric of the Banipal family. Growing up, Gary Banipal watched his father, Sunny, create memories for people as a leading Calgary real estate agent. For the past 20 years, Sunny has ranked among the top Calgary agents while also establishing strategic relationships with city developers and builders to serve as a more comprehensive resource for his clients. 

“We specialize in many different areas of real estate, including relocation, flips, inner city development, rentals, and more,” Gary said. Formed just four years ago, the team, made up of Gary and Sunny Banipal and Gagan Jagdey, is already ranking as the top selling team for Chestermere for three years running and #29 in all of Western Canada.

“We want to add value to our agents' lives professionally and personally,” he continued. By joining Real, Gary and his family-based team bring that commitment to the forefront of the competitive Alberta and Saskatchewan markets. 

According to Gary, being competitive isn’t as much about your knowledge and expertise as it is about ensuring you have the right tools to stay ahead of the market. In joining Real, the SGG Real Estate Group equips their toolbelt with what’s necessary to continue their impressive trajectory of growth.

“We moved to Real because we were impressed with the company’s values as a brokerage and their technological advances.”

“This technology has really organized things for us. We’re on top of our listings, transactions and paperwork. It is easier for us to keep track of our accounts. It really helps us stay accountable and keep our clients informed of the progress of the deal” Gary carried on.

The SGG Real Estate Group brings three high-producing agents that look forward to partnering with Real to continue their upward trajectory of connecting people to their dream homes.

“We’ve been in the real estate game for some time - with the market constantly changing, we’re all excited to continue learning & growing”.

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