Building Magnetic Rapport as a Real Estate Agent: 3-Step Guide

April 12, 2023

Real President Sharran Srivatsaa weighs in on the importance of connection

Books, articles, and videos often give you generic advice on how to create rapport as a real estate agent. They might tell you to repeat someone's name until it loses meaning, which only works to a certain degree. They might advise you to list your credentials to establish authority. However, authority isn’t a core value you should search for as an agent. They may even suggest you find topics in common to engage in small talk, which can prove redundant.

However, if you want to build REAL magnetic rapport, Sharran Srivatsaa, Real’s President, has a 3-step framework to change the way you connect with clients. This isn’t your typical small talk and relationship management; this can, and will, open doors for your business if you believe in its power.

Step 1: Enter the conversation with an open space

Conversations often have unknown destinations. Depending on the subject’s mood, environment, and even the type of day they’ve had, your chat can go any direction. Since you’re unable to control your conversation surroundings—be they physical or not—you’ll want to create a large open space in your conversation within which the person you’re speaking to is able to freely roam without judgment. Think of how a counselor might speak to a patient. You’ll be creating a safe space (even if the conversation doesn’t call for it) for you both to frolic amongst the words.

Step 2: Have your rapport aligned with the outcome

One of the more effective ways to ensure you’re building rapport in the right direction is to make sure your goals align with the conversation you’re having. If you’re training for a spelling bee, you wouldn’t spend hours a day studying chemistry, right? Think of your conversations in the same way. Match your outcome to your goal by keeping conversations on track and in depth. If you find yourself needing to impress a potential new homeowner, make it a point to reference other clients in your network that have enjoyed your service. Give them something to remember, and you’ll be aligned on all fronts.

Step 3: Enter the conversation in the mind of your prospect

Sharran ensures us all that this is the most important step of the three. It’s much easier said than done—and many agents find themselves unintentionally skipping over it without much thought. It’s the most common reason rapport builders fall short of the magnetism they seek.

While the old ways of selling real estate, building a connection with prospective buyers, and being a good agent typically mean getting information out of your conversations in any way possible, today is different. Meet your prospect halfway, instead of putting them into a corner. You’ll want to pay attention to their body language, their eye contact, and how reactive they are to what you’re saying. Not all crossed arms are a bad sign, neither are all smiles a good one. Understand your prospect’s mind and tackle the conversation from their framework. Being in their head will help you ensure you’re generating a great outcome for the both of you.

Building rapport is not easy, nor is it the same for any given conversation. Mastering the art of engagement is a point that agents struggle with their entire careers. Using Sharran’s 3-step framework for building magnetic relationships is a great step in the right direction.

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